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Now is the time you can advertise on the Big Screen.
20 second ad includes: 2 photo scenes, up to 40 words narration, on screen text
All this for $400.00 per year with minimum 2 Year contract.
Drive In Runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day WEEKENDS only.
Now your advertisement can be seen under the Stars to a captive audience.
 For more information,

Contact Vickie Hardy via email if interested.

Did you know?
April 7, 2013

  • Did you know there are 33 Drive-in Theatres in Pennsylvania and 368 in the US?

  • Did you know HAAR'S Drive-in has signed up to go DIGITAL???
    This was a major decision for us and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come!!!!

  • Did you know that you can help HAAR'S Drive-in more by patronizing the snack bar?

  • Did you know that since we are going digital businesses now have an opportunity to advertise on the big movie screen? Contact Vickie Hardy @ to find our more information.

  • Did you know you can purchase Haar's 60th anniversary post cards for a low price of $2.00 this goes towards our digital expense Haar's has incurred to continue operating?

    April 7, 2013

  • Vance & George Haar Traveled around in the late 40's collecting and Auctioning Merchanidise not only in Dillsburg but also West Fairview.

  • Vance Haar traveled around showing movies for 10 cents in Boiling Springs, West Fairview and Dillsburg.

  • Do you know that the 3rd generation is now running the business?
    This would be Vance Haars 3 granddaughters and their spouses. Which now are including their children and grandchildren. Making this the 4th and 5th generation.

  • Did you know Haar's just celebrated our 60th Anniversary for the drive-in, 22nd Anniversary for Antique Show and 65th Anniversary for Auction?

  • That Vance Haar the founder of Haar's Drive-In
    Started showing movies by traveling around with
    projector and screen?
  • Did you know that we still use 35mm film?
  • Did you know that when the drive-in was first
    built it ran year round?
  • Did you know this remains a FAMILY business
    being ran by the 3RD GENERATION?
  • Did you know the founder of Haar's Drive-in,
    Vance Haar had a bigger dream than owning a
    drive-in? He had a dream of owning a Circus/Carnival. 
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